qui est chaud

2021.10.17 14:54 CommunicationNo2782 qui est chaud

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2021.10.17 14:54 YellowCPA Auburn MBA classes

For the Auburn MBA what would you say are some of the easiest and hardest classes? Thank you!
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2021.10.17 14:54 wavyerickTSX looking for friends to play with on ps4!!! Hit me up i’m 21 m just trying to kick it back and chill & if you smoke pot is a plus LOL

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2021.10.17 14:54 edu15 Texas opens its doors to miners driven out by China

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2021.10.17 14:54 3amcoffee0 Quick Question About Proc Percentage

Two procs with 100% activation on critical attack. One is linked to a weapon the other is from a devotion linked to Blade Arc.
My current understanding it that the percentage will act as wps act and be a weighted percentage 50% and 50% if Crit with Blade Arc.
Is this correct?
Also I no longer have the build. I made some changes and no longer use these, but still curious about the answer.
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2021.10.17 14:54 Bear_Tank_mad_3 Cross save and Character Question Here

I played Destiny on PlayStation then swapped to Xbox for destiny 2. last year I started playing on steam haven't played in a while now want to go back in, the problem being I linked the wrong steam ACC before and didn't notice so I deactivated my cross save but now I have nothing since I have to wait 90 days. My question is if I start playing now with a brand new character and in 90 days enable cross-save what will happen to the 3 I've had for 4years and the new one I made? do I lose the new one or will it just not work? will I get my stuff from the vault Or?? if anyone has any idea thank you for helping. Yes, I do not have the Xbox anymore only my computer so I cant play on the Xbox anymore.
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2021.10.17 14:54 mirkac5 Some pickup line would be nice! Help boyzzzz

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2021.10.17 14:54 DarkUrGe19 Robert Durst sick with Covid-19, and on a ventilator, following life sentence, lawyer says

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2021.10.17 14:54 NB2ndBattalion [EU][A3][Recruiting] THE 2BNB

[EU][A3][Recruiting] THE 2BNB 2BNB | German Armed Forces | Light Infantry | https://preview.redd.it/4lz839izb0u71.jpg?width=1920&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=43d75d38c113aae8ddf43dca241dbcc5591c510c
What We’re About: The 2BNB is a mix of milsim and fun. We're an experienced group of well-trained players who can be depended on in crucial in-game situations. The Unit prefers to have the freedom to have banter during operations with a high amount of hilarity, however, we know when to get our game faces on when getting shit done.
We are in the middle of the spectrum of ArmA Units ranging from serious milsim to casual milsim. The Unit has training nights, where the whole unit takes part to practice movement and tactics to better ourselves and help unit cohesion.
A Few Key Points:
  • We play multiple different factions mostly modern western forces (currently playing as Germans)
  • Operation Times: 1900 hours (UTC) on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • We have an age restriction of 16+
  • 2BNB has been a part of, and is open to attending joint operations
  • Our modpack is currently 40GB in size with essentials like ACE3, TFAR, RHS and various other maps.
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2021.10.17 14:54 Sabre_Killer_Queen Skon or S-cone or Sconay or Skoon?

Ok I've been seeing and hearing this a lot lately, so I did some research:
I think we can all agree it's not Sconay or Skoon
Also as for the cream and jam thing, I always spread whichever is the easiest to spread on first, typically the cream since I prefer jelly like jam but as I said for me it depends on the consistancy
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2021.10.17 14:54 AnimeDreamZ My 4 little young boys i hot yesterday 💙 they already stole my heart

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2021.10.17 14:54 KoalaBJJ96 How much do you spend in a week?

I've seen quite a few videos latelywhere people talk about how much they spend in a week - e.g. this one
This got me interested as, even though I've always thought I was on the more frugal side of things, I never really know until I compare.
So, was wondering how much do you guys spend, which city you are in, and what your situation is like (e.g. single/family; renting/mortgage)
I'm currently spending around $4500 a month (including a $2500 mortgage). Single + no kids. Sydney. Wbu?
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2021.10.17 14:54 lukie1738848 I follow everybody back

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2021.10.17 14:54 Mental_Row383 which is better

Choose carefully
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2021.10.17 14:54 KoyTavugu Tiffany Cox Kills Counselors with Grab Kills!

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2021.10.17 14:54 redditissofunnylmao iOS Low Power Mode reduces the refresh rate on the 13 Pro

Just noticed it when I was out and needed to extend my runtime a bit that it made the iOS animations super choppy but as soon as you turn it off its back to being smooth again.
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2021.10.17 14:54 jonasnew Is Greyson Still Grounded?

You know that one episode where Todd said that Greyson is grounded until he's 18. Is he actually following through with that punishment and Greyson remains grounded to this day?
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2021.10.17 14:54 desolatenature I’m so tired of feeling like I have no control over my life.

Watching happy people who get enough regular sleep to maintain a regular life is really depressing, when I feel like insomnia has ruined me. I’ve been struggling with this for years and sometimes it’s so hard to function, I would rather be dead. I just wish I was functional enough to have the energy to maintain relationships but I don’t even have the will to try. I’m 22 years old and have lots of other problems on top of my insomnia. I have major inflammatory issues, neurological ticks, joint & muscle issues that make me need to push myself many times as hard as others to achieve the same results, and the cherry on top… I’m trans. I feel like ALL of this shit would be so much easier to manage if I got sleep. But because of my insomnia, I feel like I am stuck in a perpetual state of apathy. I feel drained of my will to fight back. Is it too much to ask for normal sleep so I can at least have a fighting chance with my other problems? With living a normal life and finding someone who loves me for me? No one even wants to be friends with me when they find out my laundry list of problems, how can I ever expect anyone to stick by my side in this lifetime when I don’t even want to be here anymore. I see people with problems worse than me handle it so well and it makes me feel like a worthless human being. It’s been like half a decade of barely feeling like a human being, and I feel like I have made no headway. If only I had a clear & well-rested mind, who knows what life could be like. /end 5am rant
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2021.10.17 14:54 Nyxantony What was your first reddit comments/post?

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2021.10.17 14:54 WakeupClown 30 seconds slow mode xdddddddddddddd

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2021.10.17 14:54 YeetusDeletus9999 why am i experiencing FPS drops

For some reason whenever i start the time the game becomes laggy as hell, like the soldiers only has like a few frames per second. The only way it goes back to normal is if i pause the game entirely. Which is not fun let me tell you.
Is there a way to increase fps because i tried lowering the resolution from 900 to 760 but it still didnt work.
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2021.10.17 14:54 Dannig178 Elma Bayliss

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2021.10.17 14:54 SomeKindOfTyler Pick one to sit. Other RBs are Chubb and CEH. :(

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2021.10.17 14:54 rocky_01 #artoftheweek

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2021.10.17 14:54 Kaneki_Xavier69 Respect

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